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by CC Dude on February 14, 2010

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For those Chase customers with a Chase Credit Card and a Chase Checking Account, you may be able to get a free FICO Experian score. People from the following states AZ, CA, ID, NV, OR, UT, and WA are qualify at the moment.

Here’s a recent email from the CSR:

Thank you for contacting the Internet Service Center.

Thank you for inquiring about the ability to view your
credit score online. I’m happy to explain this new feature
to Chase Online.

Starting February 11, 2010, some credit card customers who
log onto Chase Online will see a full-page ad notifying
that you can find out your FICO credit score at no charge.
The FICO score is valuable to you because it’s a key
factor in determining the loan rates and credit card terms
that you are offered.

The ad features a “Show me my free credit score from FICO”
button that you click on to see your score.

When you click on the button, you’ll be taken to a special
Chase Online page that gives you your credit score (within
a 10 point range) and additional information about how to
improve or maintain your credit score. FICO scores can
range from 300 to 850; they’re provided by Experian, a
third-party credit reporting agency.

When you click “Go to My Accounts” on the full-page ad you
will see a banner ad promoting the free FICO score after
subsequent log-ins to Chase Online.

Please note, your FICO score is calculated based on
information from your credit report (e.g. payment history,
length of credit history, new credit, amounts owed), but
the score does NOT reflect your full credit report.

If you have questions about your FICO score, please call
Experian at (888) 397-3742. Also, if you would like to
obtain your Credit Report you can contact any of the three
credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax (800-685-1111) and
TransUnion (800-888-4213).

I’m not really sure how we were able to offer this but
being a bank I believe since we do work closely with
credit reporting agencies we may have been able to have a
contract with them to offer this to our crdit card
customers. I’m sorry that I cannot answer your question
but enjoy this new wonderful benefit and have a great
weekend Ms. xxxxxx.

If you have any questions or require further assistance,
please e-mail us via the Secure Message Center or contact
our Internet Service Center.

You should be able to see the screen like below inside your Chase account:

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