No Hard Pull Credit Limit Increase

by CC Dude on February 1, 2010

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Increase credit limit is a good thing and should always be done to the maximum. The higher the credit limit, the better your credit score will be. This is a known fact. Hence, take advantage of this as much as possible. Usually, every 3 months or 6 months, depending on the credit card issuer, you need to give them a call or log-in your account. Simply tell them you want to increase your credit limit without a hard pull. That’s extremely important since a hard pull will lower your credit score.

Expect a Hard:

  1. Barclay’s Business (i.e. Bank Atlantic) – per call on, but soft when done to new account.
  2. Chase – always a hard pull
  3. Citi – hard pull is definite if they ask for income verification.
  4. Discover – hard pull at or beyond 15k
  5. FNBO – Always hard through form.

No Hard Pull:

  1. Juniper / Barclay’s – call the CSR on the back of your card and ask for an increase.
  2. Discover (personal) – credit limit increase $2K every six months by calling 1-800-DISCOVER. It’s a soft pull.
  3. US Bank (personal) – increase credit limit by 20% every 3 months with usage .
  4. Wells Fargo – Call CSR and ask for increase without hard pull. They might say “we have to hard pull” then just talk to another CSR later.
  5. USAA – Choose soft pull for additional review.
  6. Citi – You can do this within your online account. CLI is instant unless ask for income verification.
  7. AMEX – Use online form for no-hard CLI. If your credit limit is more than $25K, don’t bother asking. Otherwise they might reduce your credit limit.
  8. Bank of America – Use online form for no-hard CLI.
  9. WalMart – Use online form for no-hard CLI. Every 6 months usually.
  10. Principal – No credit check for pre-approved limit increase.

Chase Sapphire $100 Bonus

Currently, Chase Sapphire(SM) Card is giving away 10,000 Bonus Points after first purchase. The 10,000 bonus points can be cashed in for a $100 check. There is no annual fee with the Chase Sapphire Card. I personally have this card and got a $100 Check.

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